The fall break is approaching and as a family this means you have time to organize a fun trip in Amsterdam or outside the city. There is a lot to do and a choice for everyone.

Ballorig Zaandam

Ballorig Zaandam is one of the most fun places where kids from age 0 till 12 years old can play. A covered playing paradise with climbing nets, inflatables etc. A place that stimulate the motor skills of toddlers and preschoolers.

For the oldest ones it is a way to learn what they like and it will stimulate their social being. They get to learn other kids. Fun and sport in one!!

Slot Loevestein

Slot Loevestein is a 650 years old castle where exciting stories, music and clothing will be shared with kids . It is suited for all ages and an educative experience. Adults and children get to meet a bit of history and how people lived at that point in time. Also you get to visit the knight competition with horses, and to enjoy the demonstration. How great is it to try and learn to shoot an arrow. That sounds like fun!

Blue Boat Company

The Blue Boat Company is a favorite among families. Definitely great to do again in the fall break. Going on adventure with the tough mouse Sjonne & his friend Harold the cat from Amsterdam!

(home) Restaurant

Want to do something fun at home, that can also be possible. Play with your kid and make  your home a fancy restaurant. Let your kids decorate the table with name cards (where everyone sits), flowers made of colored paper and paper decorate place mats. Maybe it is an idea to prepare one of our recipes on the blog and serving it.

Art at home!

Increase the big and small motor skills and mix colors together.

Make a big artwork at home by using old wall paper and glue it until you have a big canvas and get started with paint. Everything is allowed: hands, feet, rolling…Also nice to know: XXXL- coloring pages from KekAmsterdam only for € 8,95.  Big enough color with everyone.

Here are some link examples to make it easier for you to find sites for more fun, child friendly and educational excursions.


We wish you all a good fall break!!