Finding the right babysitter or buddy can be difficult and time consuming. SitterFacilities will handle the whole process and takes care of you and your family. Rather than using different channels to look for the right person yourself, we take these steps for you. This way you will save time when it comes to finding the right babysitter. We guarantee your privacy, and we are committed to minimize the strange faces you and your family see. The nannies and buddies of SitterFacilities have a VOG (certificate of good conduct) and liability insurance.

SitterFacilities does the recruitment of different Sitters::

Family Sitter: The babysitter who takes care of your family and who conducts (in advance agreed upon) light household chores. The FamilySitter  is a familiar face available to you on fixed days
Event Sitter: The babysitter who can be booked for events such as a wedding or birthday party. We can also help you plan an event for children and moreover are able to completely take over the entire organization
Education Sitter: The homework tutor that can provide your child with a helping hand to ensure that certain levels will be achieved
Adhoc Sitter: The babysitter who is available from time to time or for single assignments, this babysitter has had the same comprehensive screening and is available (almost instantaneous) for time to time, or single assignments
Buddy Sitter: The buddy who befriends seniors. We find the appropriate buddy for you or your family member to, for example, visit a museum or play with. The Buddy offers companionship and does not engage in health care related activities

In any case, the Sitter features:

vink001 Flexibility
vink001 Responsibility
vink001 Independency
vink001 Creativity
vink001 Reliability
vink001 The desire to grow with the family or the client
vink001 Excellent knowledge of the Dutch language
vink001 Experienced and the right focus
vink001 Good references, VOG and liability insurance


It is also possible to give the gift of a sitter!