SitterFacilities = Unburdening


When Jolijn Heegstra moved to Amsterdam in 2004 she got back to her first job babysitting. She noticed how difficult it can be for families to find a suitable babysitter which can be trusted, and who is also fully compatible with the type of upbringing a family cherishes. Moreover, not all families want to start a search with a personal photo on the Internet or receive all potential babysitters directly in their own home. Jolijn noted, during the time she worked in the staffing industry, that it is a challenge for Dutch families to find a suitable and reliable babysitter, and for expats this is even more difficult, because they have to accustomed to the Dutch culture. When they come to the Netherlands with their children they can really use the help.

These challenges inspired Jolijn, and the idea to set up an agency aimed at the recruitment, selection and supervision of (baby)Sitters, and the name SitterFacilities was born.

Besides the unburdening of the parent(s) in regard to their children Jolijn also wanted to offer a broader service. Running a household combined with work and all kinds of obligations is enough for many families and they find that they have too little time or attention for their parent(s) and / or family.

SitterFacilities offers support in this situation through the recruitment, selection and supervision of a suitable Sitter Buddy.

Jolijn’s vision:

“Through our experience, knowledge and specialization we can select the appropriate Sitter and offer guidance for each family, each client in any situation! We are widely furnished, when it comes to a total package for a family: From finding the best Sitter, homework tutor or help with the organization of a children’s party, to arranging companionship for ones own parent(s) and / or family. “