Sadly we see more overweight with children. They don’t move a lot and do not eating healthy food. When is your child actually overweight and more important how can you prevent this?
About one in seven children between 4 and 12 years old are overweight or almost overweight. According to research this will only increase the coming years.
Overweight of course isn’t healthy for your child. Not only when they are young, but it will become more difficult for them to lose the overweight kilos. So make sure that from now on it won’t get that far.
And if your child has overweight, lose the extra kilos as soon as possible.

What is overweight?
It depends on different things whether your child is overweight. This depends on the growth phase, the age, and also the gender. At the website of Voedingscentrum you can find a handy BMI -meter.
With this you can check if the the weight of your child is right. For children till 2 years it doesn’t have much benefit to calculate the weight with the BMI.
That is because children of that age go through lot of changes. The important period for weight is at 6 years old. A child of 6 years old that is  overweight is of more concern than a child of 3 years old that is overweight.

Does your child eat enough vegetables?
How many vegetables does your toddler eat each day? An eating diary could help you out.

Move more
If your child is ¬†overweight or if you want to prevent this, it is important to change your lifestyle to a healthy one together with your child. Your child will have a lot of benefit from this for the rest of its life. Be active together. Create some games in and out of the house where your child has to move more. Search for a sport or another fun hobby you can do together, so your child won’t just sit on the couch. Take your child to school on a bike instead by car. All small bits help. Beside this healthy food is of course very important.

Healthy snacks
The favorite yet unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolate, and cookies can’t do no harm from time to time.
Try to be creative for the daily snacks with fruit and vegetables. It takes more time, but your child¬† won’t get overweight.
How about a sweet fresh smoothie? Or a colored sticks with tomatoes, carrots, and cucumber.

Self confidence
Not only is it healthier for your child not to be overweight, but a healthy weight also assures more self-confidence. Children with overweight often fall behind at the side at school.
If your child is more self-confident it will be easier to make contact with friends and he or she can evolve better. A healthy weight is not only a physical thing but also a positive one for the self confidence of your child.