We value mutual growth and proper care, through this we are able to ensure
a fitting and well screened Sitter for you.

vink001After completing the application, we will contact you and make an appointment for an initial interview.
vink001To make sure we can make the right match this interview will be held at your home. During the interview a clear profile of you and / or your family will be established. We will establish your preferences and expectations and we will elaborate on the way SitterFacilities works for you. The interview allows us to get a clear picture of your requirements for the nanny or buddy and start the recruitment and selection process which is done exclusively by us.
vink001Once the appropriate babysitter or buddy is found, a reference check will be done, and we ask for a VOG (certificate of good conduct) as well.
vink001Once we received both, we acquaint the babysitter or buddy and you during a Meet & Greet. Preferably, the Meet & Greet takes place at your home so the babysitter or buddy gets a good picture. Afterwards it is always possible that you will have another preference.
vink001When there is a match from both sides our service can start almost immediately, if not, the recruitment process will start over.

SitterFacilities likes to grow with you, which means that we stay in touch to evaluate our cooperation through personal-contact and home-visits when you are present and the babysitter is at work. To provide you with extra assistance in regard to problems or certain situations, we offer you the possibility to exchange thoughts with a pedagogue.



Pleasant and clear communication!