Whether it’s to give parent(s) quality time, to surprise grandfather and / or grandmother with a buddy with whom they can experience a trip while offers support, or to contribute to the registration or renewal of the Sitter Facilities subscription.

The Sitter Gift Card unburdens and surprised!

An original and caring gift which is fun and gratitude. The Sitter Gift Card equals at least 3 hours of attention and / or reception of a screened and trained Sitter:

Choose from the following services:

Family Sitter: The babysitter who takes care of your family and who conducts (in advance agreed upon) light household chores. The FamilySitter  is a familiar face available to you on fixed days
Event Sitter: The babysitter who can be booked for events such as a wedding or birthday party. We can also help you plan an event for children and moreover are able to completely take over the entire organization
Education Sitter: The homework tutor that can provide your child with a helping hand to ensure that certain levels will be achieved
Adhoc Sitter: The babysitter who is available from time to time or for single assignments, this babysitter has had the same comprehensive screening and is available (almost instantaneous) for time to time, or single assignments
Buddy Sitter: The buddy who befriends seniors. We find the appropriate buddy for you or your family member to, for example, visit a museum or play with. The Buddy offers companionship and does not engage in health care related activities


No matter which for which Sitter the Gift Card is used, the sitter at least has:

vink001 Flexibility
vink001 Responsibility
vink001 Independency
vink001 Creativity
vink001 Reliability
vink001 The desire to grow with the family or the client
vink001 Excellent knowledge of the Dutch language
vink001 Experienced and the right focus
vink001 Good references, VOG and liability insurance


After completing the purchase form, we will contact you. It is important for us to receive detailed information regarding the family or the client(s) so we can select the best and appropriate Sitter. The gift card can be sent by mail or by post in gift box. The gift card has a given number of hours, and furthermore lists the name of the receivers of the quality and explanation of our services.
Each gift card is provided with a unique code, which must be submitted in exchange for the gift card. For the gift of 3 hours unburdening and relaxation through a screened and trained Sitter the value of the gift card is € 50, -. We also offer the ability to determine an amount for the Sitter gift card yourself, to surprise someone with a contribution for example, registration or renewal of our services (from € 50,-).