SitterFacilities is responsible for the recruitment selection and supervision of the right nanny or buddy for you or your family. We do this for both national, international families and seniors. We also offer various services, such as homework tutoring, babysitting during events and help to organize events for childrens. We see childcare as a collaboration between parents and the babysitter in order to provide children with a loving and stimulating environment where children are challenged and develop optimally. For the buddy the cooperation between the senior and buddy and SitterFacilities is equally essential. This is also the reason there is close contact between SitterFacilities the family and the babysitter or buddy which will continue after placement. This way we keep everything in check and can quickly adapt if necessary.

To achieve the right match we first ask the parents or senior to complete a comprehensive application form, thereafter SitterFacilities contacts you to make an appointment for an introduction. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you (and your family) even better, talk about expectations and to tell you more about the services of SitterFacilities. Then the recruitment and selection for the right babysitter or buddy starts. When selected and screened, we will introduce him / her to you, this is done by means of his / her SitterFacilities CV and a motivation of both the nanny or buddy to-be and us. The screening means that we perform a comprehensive reference check, a VOG (certificate of good conduct) application and check whether the babysitter or buddy has liability insurance. We then discuss the options and plan an introduction, if desired, the matcher is present. If there is a match then the Sitter can start, if not the recruiting starts over.

SitterFacilities is for young and old, for parents who are looking for a suitable babysitter or homework tutor and seniors who are looking for companionship. Additionally is SitterFacilities able to take care of youngest guests at a private or corporate event.

By filling out the extensive application form and handing this in, you register with SitterFacilities, we will then contact you. It is also possible to first contact us by telephone. We can be reached on: +31 (0)20-7721815.

We would first like to know you, this means that the mediation fee will be charged after the application is completed and the interview took place. If there is no match with our proposed babysitter or buddy, we will search free of charge for someone else until you are satisfied.

Because we want to have a good and personal match between the babysitter or a buddy and you and your family, we of course need some time. It varies by request how long that is exactly. We can give you an approximation after the initial interview.

Given a holiday or illness of the babysitter or buddy we try to arrange a suitable replacement. We ask the nanny or buddy weekly submit their availability, allowing us to switch quickly, should replacement be desired. SitterFacilities organizes meetings several times a year with all babysitters, homework tutors and buddies. This makes it easier to arrange the possible replacement, because the sitters know each other. In families where more than three days care is needed, we recommend to work with two babysitters that alternate. This ensures that they can replace each other and keep unknown faces away from the children.

Note: This service must be requested at least 48 hours in advance, which is the minimum time we need to find a replacement

SitterFacilities is responsible for paying the babysitter, on principle we do this, on a weekly basis. The only thing we need your help with is an agreement on the hours worked. The babysitter sends this to you. After your approval SitterFacilities handles the payment and will sent you an invoice on 4 weekly basis.

We are not child-minding agency, so it is not possible to ask for Tax return on the nanny costs via SitterFacilities. It is possible for you to register the buddy / babysitter with a child-minding agency, but this should be organized among themselves.

Of course, we do our utmost to provide a reliable babysitter. This is also the reason why we ask the sitters to present a VOG (certificate of good conduct) and proof of liability insurance. SitterFacilities is, however, in no way liable for the babysitter or buddy who comes at your house.

The babysitter and buddy working for SitterFacilities are screened on the following:
• Valid identification;
• Valid banking and insurance card;
• Motivation,
• Demonstrated experience and references;
• Availability;
• Education level.
The other screening points depend on your requirements

The extensive selection that we perform ensures that only the most qualified people are selected for SitterFacilities. We provide training and study materials. We also offer the babysitter or buddy intensive supervision include an pedagoge, so they can go there for their specific educational questions. We continue through our moments of contact and home visits to evaluate, coach and check different areas. The home visits are conducted at least quarterly, either with you or your family along with the babysitter or buddy. In this way, Sitter Facilities ensures that our quality is guaranteed. 

The gift card can be used for each and every of our services, whether it is a Sitter for a night out, a couple of hours of homework tutoring or making an family member happy with the visit from a buddy.