Our Educational policy remains in motion, we strive to provide high quality babysitters, tutor and buddies, in which the interests of the child or the client is central. Our policy is the basis without losing the spontaneity of the child or the client, playfully we contribute to the development. Every child or client has its own character with corresponding characteristics which development proceeds at its own pace. As a babysitter, tutor or buddy you create an atmosphere, which enables playful activities and an approach of your children from a certain position, through this we can contribute to the education and development. By providing structure and safety the Sitters are able to create an environment during the absence of parents / guardians in which a child can grow into an independent, unique and balanced person.
Education provides the building blocks for the child.
The responsibility for these building blocks lies primarily with the parents(s) / guardians, but when a child is cared for by a babysitter he / she carries this responsibility. We can provide the right basis through clear communication between the family, the babysitter and SitterFacilities.

SitterFacilities is committed to following basis principles:

  • Security;
  • Encourage, support and development;
  • Rest, rhythm and regularity;
  • Norms and values.

SitterFacilities strives to provide a babysitter, tutor that grows with you and your family. By cherishing and nurturing the child(ren) a Sitter can bond with the child and gain trust. A bond is of great importance to the healthy emotional development of the child, also at a later age. A secure attachment leads to the child / children to develop a base which is characterized by a fundamental trust. A strong foundation is laid for healthy emotional development, with both trust and confidence in others and in him or herself can be deepened and widened. The child enters the world with confidence with the knowledge that he / she can rely the babysitter.

Encourage, support and development

Positive support is an important principle of SitterFacilities. With encouragement and compliments the babysitter or tutor encourages the child / children to discover, learn, and not to go out of the way to try new challenges. Every child has his or her own pace. The child stays motivated through positive support to continue to develop. Feedback is of great importance. By interacting with the babysitter or tutor a child / children learn to develop communicatively, taking into account others and conflicts present. Read more about social development?

Rest, rhythm and regularity

Rest, rhythm and regularity contribute to the development of a sense of security and confidence. It is important to give a child the opportunity to exist undisturbed in now, without being startled, distracted, or forced. A child can gain a lot of support, guidance and recognition with daily repetitive actions by having a fixed schedule and fixed habits and rituals. The recognition ensures that the child / children know(s) what will happen and what is expected of them. This makes children more sure of themselves.

Norms and values

Another task of the nanny or tutor is to transfer the norms and values which are important in our society and the family. These differ per family and it is therefore the role of the matcher, babysitter and family to get a clear picture of items such as: faith, language, dealing with others, have respect for each other.