Can your child use some support in his or her school work and / or development? SitterFacilities offers the ability to search for an appropriate homework tutor, or the Education Sitter.

We offer individual tutoring at home, at school or at the tutor’s home where we focus on increasing knowledge and developing skills to better teach yourself at home. We provide tutoring in almost all subjects and at all levels, for primary and secondary education. The tutoring is intended to help students with backlog, but also to challenge them with additional material.

The homework tutor will work with you and in some cases also with the school on a roadmap so that proper guidance can be offered and your child will feel stronger through individual attention and grows step by step. The guidance can be given at homework tutor’s house, at your home or, when there is a collaboration with the school, during school hours at school.

The recruitment for the homework tutor is exactly the same as the recruitment and selection for a babysitter. This means that, after an interview with you and in some cases also with the school we start looking for a suitable homework tutor. If the person selected and screened, we offer the possibility to get acquainted with you. If there is a match, you determine the number of (fixed) days and / or evenings for tutoring together, after which the tutor can then begin! If there is no match, the procedure starts again.



It is nice to confidently be able to leave your home, with the certainty that your most precious possession is well taken care off.