After the recruitment period the babysitter, tutor or buddy can start. To maintain the best service possible Sitter Facilities likes to grow with you.

During the period of cooperation, we offer various moments to rate and evaluate our services. After the first day there is call to discuss the first impressions, then we schedule the first home. We will contact both the babysitter, tutor or buddy, and you.
Generally the first home visit takes place after about one month, obviously this is in consultation with you. During this visit, the care will be evaluated and we can help you with any comments you might have.

To ensure good communication we ask the babysitter, tutor or buddy to keep a journal to make sure you are always up to date regarding the trips undertaken eating/sleeping behavior of your child(ren).

After about half a year, the next evaluation will take place. During this evaluation, we discuss the cooperation and additionally the progress on the Educational plan.

It is always possible for the parents, babysitter, tutor or buddy to contact Sitter Facilities for support and advice. If necessary, we can introduce you to our pedagogue.