Looking for a babysitter from time to time, or for a one-time job? The AdhocSitter is ready for you.

We can achieve this through our own network of babysitters. All babysitters are selected and screened by us, and have experience. Because the babysitters indicate their availability on a weekly base, we are able to provide a babysitter directly. Examples of usage of the AdhocSitter include a dinner, a PTA meeting or for tourist families. SitterFacilities is working with several hotels, through this we can facilitate parents an evening out with confidence. The Adhoc Sitter is also available for unexpected moments, the application can be submitted the same day till 15:00 hrs. SitterFacilities will let you know within an hour whether a suitable babysitter is available.

Want to use this service for a one-time job?
For this service a one-time fee is charged and it is up the family to determine the hourly wage and pay the Sitter. Given our experience, we recommend that you increase the hourly wage given the required flexibility of the Sitter.

Want to use this service from time to time?
Then the Adhoc service suits you best! The Adhoc service enables you to use our screened Sitters and services from time to time.
More information on the Adhoc service is available here.



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